This year Green Cities Conference is available on-line only!!!

The conference takes place via the ZOOM application.

Look please video guide or read carefully the content below.


To join the conference you will need:

  • computer or Laptop (with at least iOS or Windows 7) or phone (with at least Android 5 or iOS),
  • headphones or speakers,
  • stable Internet connection.

How to install the ZOOM application?

  • iPad / iPhone. Open the App Store and find ZOOM Cloud Meetings.
  • Android tablet or smartphone. Open the Google Play Store and find ZOOM Cloud Meetings.
  • Computer (Windows or iOS). Open and download Zoom Client for Meetings.

How to join the conference?

  • Not creating an account in the ZOOM application

With the app installed, click the Zoom meeting link

  • By creating an account in the ZOOM application

Click on ” Sign in” to create your account. On the left side, enter your e-mail address and password. When you create an account, you will receive message  confirming the creation of an account in Zoom app. Click on the sended link and confirm your registration.

You can also use another option to Create a Zoom account. Click ” Sign in with <name of the website where we have an account (e.g. Google, Facebook)>”. You log in to the website account by entering your e-mail address and password. When Zoom asks with access to the account – confirm .

How to start a conference by clicking on the link sent

Not logged in – Enter the name and surname under which you want to be visible.

Logged in – click ” join a meeting .”

Click ” Join with Computer Audio” to connect the microphone. Confirm the permission of the Zoom app to access the microphone and audio.

ZOOM application functions (visible in the bottom bar)

  • Mic Icon – ” Mute ” allows you to control the microphone on your device. When it is red or crossed with a red stripe, the microphone is turned off. If you want to turn it on – click on this icon. 

WARNING! Conference organizers can mute your microphone so as not to drown out the main speaker.

  • Camera Icon – ” Stop video” allows you to control the camera settings. When it is displayed in red or crossed out with a red stripe camera is turned off. If you want to turn it on – click on this icon.  

WARNING! Conference organizers can turn off your camera to make easier for others to watch the conference.

  • Single Character Icon ” Invite ” allows you to send an invitation to this meeting to others.
  • Several character icon – ” Participants ” allows you to see who has already joined the meeting.
  • The square icon – ” Share Screen ” allows you to share your material – desktop, browser screen or photo during the broadcast.
  • The bubble icon – “Chat” allows you to send a message to someone who has joined the meeting .